Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching??
every people have their own style to make their presentation more attractive. they sometimes use a simple words to make audience easy to understand and catch what the presenter talk about. sometimes they use props to help their presentation looks interesting, they might also use a better topic to make audience love to hear.

But for AIS 630....to give a best presentation, i think we must have confidence to talk something. when we confident, every single words we say is clear and we will be satisfied with our presentation. We also have to study first before we present something.this is to make we more understand what we want to talk about....because if we understand,of course we enjoy to present our topic.

On the other hand, for me...our slides must be interesting..but don't make your slides too crowded!!..you just put the main point of the topic we want to present. Many people forget about their attire but actually, our attire also plays an important role to attract audience. but what kinds of attire that we should wear during the presentation??  Therefore, we must wear a formal attire such as coat, necktie for man, baju kurung for women, and any other formal attire. because with the formal attire, audience will focus more on the contents of what we present compared on what we're wearing!!

Furthermore, when we present something we also should be focus on what we say....remember...our tone, our body language, our gesture also plays an important role to attract the audience.

Lastly, i hope we can improve our skills to make our presentation more presentable and eye catching...that's all. thank you for reading...

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